Executive Order 12996
March 25, 1996

"To preserve a national network of lands and waters
for the conservation and management of
fish, wildlife, and plant resources of the United States
for the benefit of present and future generations."


Mid-Columbia River National Wildlife Refuges comprises eight individual Refuges
administered from offices in the administration building on the McNary NWR at 64 Maple Street, Burbank, WA, 99323

phone 509-546-8300

Contact Friends of Mid-Columbia NWR Complex at 509-546-8352
to consider volunteering at the McNary Education Center

McNary NWR
Umatilla NWR
Toppenish NWR
Columbia NWR
Saddle Mt NWR
and the Reach National Monument

McKay Creek NWR


Cold Springs NWR


John Gahr, former manager of McNary NWR,
discusses bird finds with Audubon volunteers in mist netting project.

Howard Browers, biologist, explains duck banding project to determine if
ducks return to nest at McNary.
Banded ducks have been reported in widespread locations
such as Texas, New York, and one in Russia.
Gary Hagedorn awards volunteers in May 2001
Gary Hagedorn, Former Project Manager, addresses attendees of the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in Spring 2001. Members of the Portland (Region One) staff were also present for salmon feed.
Ray Haught assists in setting up science activity stations.
Park Rangers accomplish many tasks. Ray Haught handles outdoor maintenance work and assists in setting up equipment for science activities during school visits.

Javier Gutierrez is a maintenance specialist
Javier Gutierrez, Park Ranger, works in maintenance which entails electrical as well as mechanical repairs.

Naomi Sherer