McNary National Wildlife Refuge

a natural resource to enjoy

There are no fees at the McNary National Wildlife Refuge

The trails around the pond are open from dawn to dusk.
The Education Center is opened and staffed by volunteers only infrequently.
Groups need reservations to take advantage of the natural science program.

What you can do if you visit when the Center is not open:
Take a Hike around the pond.
Look for eagles in the tree tops.
Count the birds on the pond.

Directions to the Education Center

When traveling on US 12 to find free public area of McNary National Wildlife Refuge

Turn left at the stop light to Ice Harbor Dam when coming from Pasco.Turn right at the Humorist Road stop light when coming from Walla Walla.

Park in the lot at 311 Lake Road.

Large flocks of geese are gathering and feeding on McNary ponds, awaiting the thaw where they will nest, lay eggs, and hatch their young. The adult pair will swim and protect their young until flight feathers grow so that the offspring can migrate, usually before the adults.

Open from dawn to dusk


Visit Friends of McNary Refuge complex


Update on the Swiss Volunteers
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311 Lake Road
Burbank, WA

Ph: 509-546-8350

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